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Whether you require finance for the acquisition of an established business, raising finance for expansion, or restructuring of existing facilities, the experienced Southshore Finance team has the knowledge and expertise to obtain the best possible finance structure for your Perth business.

Our Perth business finance team has established relationships with major banks, lenders and finance companies giving us access to the best finance products on the market at any given time. As well as supporting you to identify and access new business finance, the Southshore Finance team can also use their skills and experience to re-evaluate existing banking relationships and loan facilities to ensure maximum benefit.

Banks can often be difficult and confusing to deal with – making it hard to decipher whether you’re getting the best deal possible. At Southshore Finance, we work closely with you to ensure you’re receiving the best information for your unique circumstances.

We’re focused on understanding your individual business needs and providing the best solution to assist in your business success. Contact our friendly Perth business finance team for a no-obligation consultation to discuss how we can help you to secure the right finance solution.

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Southshore Finance is a leading specialist business finance broker in Perth.

The Southshore Finance Perth business finance team is led by Michael Coombes, who brings 40 years of finance industry experience. A specialist in business acquisition and expansion finance, Michael has assisted many clients across Perth to finance their business and investment acquisitions through working capital solutions and commercial property finance. Michael leads an experienced team of Perth business finance specialists, including business acquisition specialists and commercial finance brokers.

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What is business finance?

Business finance is the management of funds and borrowing on behalf of a business. Business finance may be accessed by Perth business owners in many different scenarios. Common reasons to access business finance in Perth might include:

Companies may also choose to access business finance to obtain top-up funds to finance business operations or to deal with a sudden cash flow crisis faced by the business. Access to finance can help you to deal with contingencies better without disrupting the operations of the company.

What type of business finance are available in Perth? 

Most small business finance falls into one of two types:

Debt finance: borrow a sum of money and pay it back with interest

Equity finance: raise funds by selling a share of your Perth business to investors

Some business owners end up with a blend of both debt and equity finance. Within these main business finance categories, there are many subtypes of finance. An experienced business finance specialist from Southshore Finance will help you to identify and appraise the most appropriate type of finance for your situation. Some types of funding are faster to secure, some require more security (such as real estate assets), some business finance solutions come with strings attached, and of course, the costs vary too.

How do I access business finance in Perth?

Southshore Finance works with a range of lenders and banks to identify and secure the best business finance for your Perth business. It is critical that you find the right business funding that fits you and your organisation.

The first step of the process to access business finance in Perth is to contact the Southshore Finance team today for a free, no-obligation appraisal.

What is the best type of finance for my Perth business?

Our team makes sure to clearly understand your needs to answer this question.

Some of the questions we consider when supporting you are:

      1. What are you funding?
        Some types of small business finance are better suited to different needs so it is important to have a clear idea of what you will be spending the funding on. Maybe you are buying a business or funding a start-up that requires a different type of funding to financing a business growth plan.
      2. How much funding do you need?
        Be clear and honest about how much funding you need for your business to narrow down the best business finance option.
      3. What do you hope to spend the small business finance on?
        The requirements for asset finance, to purchase equipment, for example, will be different to the parameters for funding to ease a short-term cash flow crisis. If you have no assets to put up as security it may be difficult to get a large loan.
      4. How long do you need business finance for?
        The timeframe for when you need the funding to start and the longevity of the loan will affect your finance choice. Our experienced business finance team may suggest different types of finance in the short term, to get a new business up and running, plus another longer-term solution to keep you afloat in the early years of trading. When establishing a loan facility it is critical to ensure that the impact on cash flow is as low as possible, but with the flexibility to increase repayments/reduce the loan term, without penalty.
      5. How risky is your business?
        A proven business idea can make attracting certain types of business finance easier, while some more traditional lenders will be reluctant to take a punt on a quirky or high-risk industry without a proven track record.
      6. What is your history with business/personal finance?
        A proven track record with a lender or investor may make it easier to obtain finance, alongside a proven track record of paying back other debts.
      7. What are the associated costs of finance?
        The costs of finance will usually include interest over the period of the loan and maybe some administration costs associated with the set-up of the finance arrangement.

An important, but often missed, question to ask when seeking finance is “does it make sense?”

i.e. is the purpose reasonable?

What are the chances of having the sufficient cash flow to service the debt?

Do you have the necessary management skills, business plan, systems and procedures to make it work?

We can help you answer these questions. Contact us.

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