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Southshore Finance is a licensed finance broking firm accredited with major lenders including banks, finance companies, insurance companies and private lenders.

Since our inception in 1994, interest rates have fluctuated up and down, sometimes quite dramatically.  No doubt similar trends will emerge in the months and years to come. Our goal will always be to help our clients ride these bumps and make the most of the opportunities that waves can present.

It has, and will continue to be, vitally important for clients to deal through intermediaries because banks are becoming more complex to deal with, and harder for borrowers to decipher their documentation.

At Southshore we work closely with our clients to ensure you are receiving the right information for your circumstances. It’s all about understanding your needs and providing educated solutions to assist you in your success.

Our clients tell us that our biggest asset is the way we work. We take the time to research your business and industry. Combined with our experience  we arrange the best finance option for you


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